The chaos of 2020 affected everyone but not in the same way. That holds true for venture capital. At Elaia, we had to adapt the way we supported our portfolio companies and questioned our investment theses. Despite that, it was still one of our very best years ever, especially in terms of investment activity & liquidity: while achieving our investment plan of the year, we managed to return more money to our LPs than we invested in startups. We are very proud of such a performance in this context!

Venture capital historically has a few winners and many losers. Spectacular…

Today is an exciting day for the French Tech ecosystem with one of its SaaS champions exceeding $1.5 billion valuation; and also for Elaia: we welcome a newborn in our unicorn stable, with Mirakl, the only marketplace SaaS platform that empowers both B2B and B2C organizations to launch and grow an enterprise marketplace at scale, proudly joining Criteo to become our second seed-to-unicorn investment with its Permira led $300m Series D round. Check out the Press Release here.

If once could be luck, twice could be the start of a pattern, so let’s try to answer this billion dollar question…

Great news: we just held the first closing of our new fund, Elaia Delta at €115M!

It has been a long journey; but this process, rather than just painful, was actually a fantastic period where we had to clearly present our firm and our strategy to existing and new investors — a healthy and deep questioning about who we are, what we want to achieve and how we’ll do it, that occurs every 3 to 4 years.

A common question we got was « Why is this fund called Delta? »

Many guessed that we chose Delta since it is…

Xavier Lazarus

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